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Saturday, January 28, 2012

the year that was twenty-eleven.

2011 was definitely a mixed review year...more on that later. 2011 brought us closer together, enabled us to talk about things we previously didn't, and build a stronger foundation that we previously had. And for that, I am grateful.

Last January didn't seem to be too busy. We started the year off with snowshoeing and unfortunately, it was only 1/2 times we yet. We had Jason's work 'holiday' party. I really like that they are always in January. It gives us some breathing room. We stayed out at The Edgefield and had a good time. I also started one of my favorite home decor items - fun frames.

February was much busier than January. We had our first "family of 6" vacation to the Washington Coast. We've always gotten lucky with weather at it was again sunny - which meant I got to fly my kite :) We learned a little bit more about our awesome camera, most of which I have already forgotten. And we had a good night playing Bunco with my work friends. Oh, and my husband did a very nice job on 'heart day' this year!! Good work Jason.

Looking back March was a good month. Most obviously because I turned 28 :) I love my birthday. I love it so much I made a rainbow cake for myself. We had our first trip to Elements Glass for which we visited on 2 other occasions in 2011. And I got the BEST sub notes ever...herding cats anyone?!?! Oh, I also got to do a little country line dance with my coworkers.

April had me traveling to Chicago for my best friends' bridal shower and my first trip to Sprinkles cupcakes. We saw comedian Lewis Black in Portland. We made a lot of plans for the backyard - many which never happened. Jason and I are not gardeners.

May is a hard month. The school year is almost over...almost. But not quite. Oh, not quite. In May we celebrated Mother's Day and took my Mom to do blown glass Easter eggs. I also got one of my most favorite things - a GIANT teddy bear. Love.

Sabrina and I ended the year by going to a concert...and sitting in the second row. Love. I ended my second school year at Baller. We lowered the roof on our deck and built a storage shed. This was probably one of the last times - besides the new grass - that I went in the backyard.

My hubby turned 29. I went to Phoenix for a week to visit Rachel and made a few trips to Sprinkles Cupcakes. My best friend got married. July was FULL of family and friends.

In August I spent 3 hot days with my best friend Sabrina at an outdoor country music festival. Dirt, beer, and music. Jason and I ventured to New England for 8 nights to tour and see my friend May get married. We got there just in time for Hurricane Irene - which was no where near as bad as we I thought it was going to be.

We started September in New England still, giving ourselves just a day in between New England and the first day of school. This is my 3rd year at Baller - fingers crossed. We had a bridal shower for my sister in law.

One of the biggest events of October was my brother and his wife throwing a wedding weekend. It was so much fun to see so many family and friends. We also headed to Seattle for a weekend of COUGAR football and a pumpkin patch. We also made our 3rd - and best - trip to Elements Glass.

I made a diaper cake for a baby shower, and a few crafts for Christmas. We spent Thanksgiving in Vancouver this year since Jason was first up. And after spending MUCH of the school year sick I was glad to finally be rid of it...or so I thought.

I had a pretty chill Christmas break - getting sick on day #2 helped that. We finally figured out it was reoccurring sinus stuff, fun. I promise. We had 5 different Christmas celebrations and were the givers and receivers of many nice gifts. We spent NYE with Jason's best friends from high school.

These are definitely short snippets of what we did in 2011. And don't forget to head over to my homemaking blog madebyACE to see what I've been making!! I'm going to try again to take a picture every day this year. I was doing SSOO good last year until we went on vacation but now I have APPS on my phone to help me through that!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Rip City!!

section 108

enjoying the Blazers Game.