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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A night out... Chicago.

We did go out for Leena's bachelorette party the evening after the bridal shower. After the naps, cupcakes, showers, and standard bachelorette party games and drinks in the hotel :) Though Leena wouldn't appreciate if I posted those pictures so I won't but I will post some from the "out and about" part of the evening.

A little coffee first ;-)

We started at the Mexican restaurant Adobo - Old City. It was bit peculiar of a place to me. Maybe because I'm from the PNW where every beer is readily available and most Mexican restaurants have whatever drinks you might want. This one didn't do anything besides standard Margarita's and 4 choices of beer. I opted for the Corona was Corona Light.

My Lee.

Love her :)

After dinner we headed to Second City. Camera's weren't (supposed) to be allowed inside but I snuck a few pictures!!

Before the show.

The cast. Maybe someday one of them will be famous. I kept the program just in case!

The crew!

Well done. Hilarious!!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

sunday snapshot...

This week is going to cover for 2 weeks. And there will be 2 pictures for each week. Last weekend I was in bed by 8pm after a whirlwind 48 hours in Chicago. This weekend we just got back from an amazing Easter dinner at my parent's house...I'll make it quick!

A new little life.



Strange visual. Devastating results.

i heart {SPRINKLES} cupcakes

I'd seen Sprinkles cupcakes years ago on the show Girls Next Door. This was the "original" cupcake shop. I've wanted to try it FOR-EV-ER but the problem is they only have 11 in the US!!! Well, the one in Chicago opened up about 2 weeks after I was there in July 2010. So this time I was determined to go there. And I did, all by myself!

Sprinkles was .9 miles from the W Hotel. It was blustery and sososo windy but it was SOSOSO worth it!! I did go by myself because Leena needed a little nap after the bridal shower. It was also nice to just get out and be away. I can get overwhelmed easily and need to get away, regroup, and be ready to go again. And this, this was just what I needed!!

Sprinkles Chicago!!!


So excited to be there!!!

Look at all the glorious cupcakes.

Peanut butter chocolate.


The bunnies told you what flavors they had that day.

I was so overwhelmed I forgot to buy some of the stuff I wanted :(

Happy Annie!!

So worth it!!

First SPRINKLES cupcake. April 16, 2011

Saturday, April 23, 2011

A whirlwind trip... the windy city!!

I went to Chicago for a weekend, really, about 48 hours when all was said and done. It was a great trip. Leena, who was my maid of honor, is getting married in July and I flew out for her bridal shower and bachelorette par-tay!!!

The shower was planned by her bridal party and a close family friend Jackie. It was ana amazing and beautiful event!!

Maya and I built a fort so Lee couldn't see what we were doing!!

the lovely gitfs. everything in the bag was from India. so lovely.

gorgeous flowers.

Ann and Lee :)

Lee was a BIT surprised by her cousin being there :-)

Lee and her Mom, Ranjana. I love this picture.

The happy couple. Leena and Jerome.

Myself and Rahul, the bride's brother.

The Ketkar's

The new family :)

A little nap ;-)

Monday, April 11, 2011

a show with Lewis Black...

...and it was worth the wait.

Jason and I love Lewis Black. I will say, he is certainly not for everyone but he is for us. Actually my brother introduced his comedy to me in high school and I've been hooked ever sense! Well, Lewis Black finally came to town and Jason and I made a date night out of it. It was the first sunny day in over 2 months in the Portland Area so just about every human being was out in the town, but it was worth it. We had dinner at McTarnahan's Tap Room which was SO good. It's kind of in the middle of all these warehouses in North Portland and Jason apparently goes there a lot of lunch. It is strange having him know more about Portland than me!

We then headed to the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall which neither of us has ever been too. It is a gorgeous building from the inside and has the icon PORTLAND sign outside. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! Oh, and we stopped by VooDoo Too afterwards...I've been CRAVING those doughnuts lately!!!

Ready for the show to start!

Gorgeous ceiling!

So pretty.

Mr. Lewis Black!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

sunday snapshot...

cow jumping??

could you even imagine having to restack these crates??

something about it grabed my attention

i've heard of these flash mobs, but a pillow fight one. how cool!!


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

i have the BEST husband...

Jason's job has a lot of ordinary "corporate" perks. Money, comp days, sick days, retirement, and the one I get to enjoy frequently - free tickets to events!! We've been to many Blazers game, winter hawks games, and very nice and fancy dinners. It is certainly nice.

Yesterday my darling husband did something so nice and so like him! He got 2 free tickets to the Blazers Game. He knew that Sabrina had been wanting to go all season and I'd promised her if we ever had extra tickets she could go. Well, Jason took this opportunity to say "You girls are on spring break, you should go have fun". Isn't he sweet!?!?!

Sabrina and I headed down to his work, got the tickets, then headed over to McMenamins - White Eagle Saloon for a burger and beer. It was SO much cheaper than eating at the Rose Garden. One MAX stop later we were at the Rose Garden!

Thank you Jason, for letting me have fun with my friends. You are a wonderful husband!!!

the best laid plans...

...Come in 2 versions!



Same plans. One measured, scaled. One rough and labeled.

This summer one of our major goals is our yard, more specifically our back yard. It is missing SO MUCH. Last year we put in the deck and awning which partially already needs to be replaced. The deck is fine, the awning, is not. It is leaking from about every point it is capable of. It isn't sloped enough - says Foreman Oakes {who designed the whole thing BTW}. The Foreman (my Dad) and my husband have a lot of work to do!

Goals in the front yard:
- Remove both Japanese Maples. Replant one, trash the other
- Cement in the "triangles" in the driveway
- Weed, protect, plant in the bay in front of the house
- Get all weeds out of yard

Goals in the back yard:
- Replace awning
- Get shed
- Somehow cover up the monstrosity that is the neighbor's shed {ideas include lattice wall, tall trees}
- Rock around the deck {stepping stones}
- Purposeful beds on East side and North side of house. Currently a disaster.  
- Fire pit circle of stone {phew, we shall see}

I think those are the main things we want. It is so amazing to be able to afford this. That is why our yard currently is as it is, money. We did not have money last year to spend on "luxuries" such as yard work. Another major player in the lack of yard work was my back. I've tweaked it a few times since last June but nothing major...just have to be careful - and buy Aleve at Costco :)

And for your viewing pleasure...

Goal 1 for the front yard is half done...

Monday, April 4, 2011

sunday snapshot...

I'm one day late this week, we went to Auburn this last weekend to visit Jason's family and didn't get back until 8pm so I didn't feel like jumping on here to crop some pictures :) Here are my fav's of the week!