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Friday, May 28, 2010

the real update...

First of all I would like you to know the official countdown until the end of school. 13 school days. excited...just a bit!

The last few weeks have been crazy around here. So much so that I had to scroll through my iPhone to see what I'd been up too. I think technology is officially taking over my life.Our weekdays during May have been pretty uneventful. The weeks have been a bit more exciting - though (warning: shocker) I neglected to get very many pictures from these outings :(.

 May 1st we had our great friend Robyn and Joe up for a night of fun. We had some beers and played some games! We really enjoy their company and glad they were finally able to make it up to spend the night!

May 8th I headed to Seattle for the day to attend a friend from high school's bridal shower. It was a lot of driving but worth it, especially since I won't be able to attend her wedding since it falls on the same weekend that my wonderful family is heading to Wisconsin for family vacation! That weekend was Mother's Day and it was a very beautiful day in the PNW. We (Mom, Dad, Tony, Kellie, Jason and myself) headed up to Lewis River Golf course to enjoy a nice brunch and each other. We did manage to get a few pictures of this event...though I am still waiting for the rest from Tony and Kellie. Another shocker...i forgot my camera that day. Good thing for the iPhone :)

Me and Mom. Mother's Day 2010

Mom and her kids :)

Mom and Dad :) Love them!!!

I don't know if it is the secret hippie in me, the pacific-northwesterner in me, or the "trying new things in me" but I signed Jason and myself up to take a "how to make a rain barrel" class though Watershed Stewart's. Though we haven't hooked the barrel up is standing by. We're building a deck next weekend (if this ridiculous rain stops) and will but that in afterwards. Really, that means we're still debating where it should go...
Putting in the overflow spout.

Putting in the spigot.

The next weekend I went out with some of my favorite ladies in Vancouver. My mom, Liz, Stacy & baby Crissy, and myself have been trying to get together every other month. The "Shumaker" clan is one of our closest family friends around town and we feel that it is important to have purposeful and (somewhat) regular meetings to stay connected. We've done this 3 times in the last 6 months!!! It is very nice to have friends that are just like family! This time we went to Tommy O's in downtown Vancouver and then wandered through the Saturday Market at Ester Short park. It was a lovely Saturday morning! Though sadly, I have no pictures :(

I did do a little bit of cake decorating this month. After the hit of my last batch of mini cupcakes it was requested I make more for the Volunteer Tea my school puts on for all the volunteer parents. I happily obliged...with delicious and pretty results. Though next time I know not to put the fresh strawberries on top of white frosting too early...lesson learned. Also, this recipe was MUCH better than the batch I made for my own birthday. I'm sorry Martha but your recipe did not cut it. I got a recipe off OnDemand of the Sprinkles Capcakes show. It was AMAZING!!!
Mini Strawberry Cupcakes with chocolate and cream cheese frosting with fresh strawberries on top. I did cheat at use store bought time I won't!!! I was in a time crunch!

One of the two trays. They were a huge hit. They've been requested again...

Sunday, May 23, 2010

sunday snapshot (and a quick update)...

space and mountains. now these really are two of my favorite things!

wow. this is just another reason not to like water.

Things have been crazy around here. There are 16 days of school left for me. Jason's work is coming into its "busy season" aka everyone else's "drinking season." Around the house we've been doing lots of yard work, some decorating, cleaning, and general spring time things. We've become addicted to The Office. Thanks to our Netflix account and our Wii, we have been able to watch seasons 1 - 5 from the comfort of our coach over the last month. Thes series is currently on season 6 so we're almost caught up.

As summer is coming up I'm getting excited at the prospect of doing 'a lot of nothing.' Well, that isn't entirely true...but much more relaxing than past summers :) We're planning on building a deck and awning on June 6th with Foreman Oakes (my dad) running the show! We are very excited about this and hoping the weather cooperates.

That is it for now. I still owe stories about Mother's Day and updated house pictures! Phew...

Tootles for now!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

sunday snapshot...

Here are my favorites of the week! I liked a lot more but have to get going on the yard work. More updates tonight or tomorrow on things we've been up to in the last week. We've been busy, hense, the lack of posts!!!

a rainbow of wreckage.

the power of pink!!!

I can't wait to have a camera that can do something like this :) hoping and dreaming (and saving)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

my best friend is getting married!!!

That is right folks!!! Leena is getting married to a wonderful guy named Jerome :) I am so happy for them!!! We've been friends for over 20 years, through multiple continents and multiple years not seeing each other, our bond has stood the ultimate test of time, love, and distance. I am so happy for her, she deserves only the best...and has found it!

Onto the photo montage :)

Soccer stars! Ballwin Holy Infants. 1st grade.

St. Louis Zoo. Approximately 2nd grade

St. Louis. beginning of 2nd grade.

St. Louis - Girl Scout Camp

Ballwin Pool (St. Louis) Visiting in middle school. 8th grade I'm guessing.

Summer skiing on Mt. Hood, Oregon. High School.

Visiting our old elementary school play ground :) high school.

@ B's grad party. Leena came to surprise me. What an AWESOME graduation present!

2005. Chicago Cubs vs. Cardinals. GO CARDS!!!

Leena got me my first "It's something from Tiffany's" My wedding shower in April 2009.

My bridal shower. April 2009

Getting manicure's before my wedding! July 2009

Me and my gorgeous Maid-of-Honor!!!

She made an amazing speech! Love her...and can't wait for her wedding.


Monday, May 10, 2010

sunday snapshot (on monday)...

Sorry for the tardiness...busy day with Mother's Day and all the yard we got accomplished.
More on that later...

big hats apparently don't mean big brains...seriously...did she not ever lear that plastic bags aren't to be surrounding your face...

i sure do love bears!!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

attack of the minis (cake version)...

Last week I made a good luck/good-bye cake for our two student teachers Katie & Kristin.

Here are the pictures :)

this is what a KitchenAid looks like with a double batch of icing!!!

this is what my husband does with the cake scraps!

a couple dozen mini cupcakes!

a mini 6 inch cake. covered in fondant and bordered with fondant circles.

the spread :)

cake and a peak at the cupcakes :)

mini goodness!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

sunday snapshot...

the start of...

this oil spill has the potentional to extrodinarily hoirrble.

massive. I wonder how many people were trapped...?

so simple.