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Monday, December 17, 2012

getting back on the blogging wagon!

It's time to update this blog... I've been blogging this year but I've just been keeping track of my life, my medical life, over on my other blog... but with this 19 days Christmas Break I'm hoping to update this blog on some of the fun stuff we did this year...

We celebrated Jason turning 30!!!

We're still DINKS {Double Income No Kids}

I passed my ProCert {and burned my drafts!!!}

Started believing in ourselves.

This, and more!!!Now to debate if I go and backdate them all or go from here...decisions, decisions!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Kauai ~ Kipu Ranch Adventure

When planning our trip to Hawaii one thing I really wanted to do was an ATV tour but I also knew I probably wouldn't be able to drive with my back issues. Kipu ranch had side-by-side Gator's which was the perfect option for us. It was a bit cheaper (because I wasn't driving) and I didn't hurt my back! If we ever go back to Kauai we will absolutely go on another Kipu Ranch Adventure!!!

We started out my getting geared up!

And then we headed out... s   l   o   w   l   y

The people that were in our group were so super de duper slow drivers it was painful. Thankfully our tour guides were AWESOME and let us hang back with one of them and then speed up and catch up to the others. It made the day much more tolerable and FUN!!!

Jason needed to fix his goggles. As you can see we were only going 11 MPH so we were okay.

The OS handle.

Jason's his goggles on and is ready to rock and roll!


In front of where Jurassic Park was filmed

Our AWESOME guides!!!

Loving it!!!

The guide behind us...

We'd let them get ahead and then step on it!!

After we went through a HUGE puddle/small stream. We got SOAKED and they could hear my screams at the front of the line. SSSOOO fun!!!

Soaking wet - every inch of me.

Jason got just as soaked!

Indiana Jones rope swing

All the ATVs.

A view inaccessible unless you take this tour!

Breathtaking. This photo does not do it justice.

Got sunny just in time!!

The slow pokes

We FINALLY hit 30!!!

Gorgeous trees!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Let's get WICKED!!!

My Mom took me to see WICKED in March just after my birthday. We'd both read the book and realized we should have reread them before! Regardless of it was a very fun(ny) afternoon/evening :) I love hanging out with my Mom!!

The beginning screen! No pictures were allowed during and I didn't risk it since I got in trouble just for taking this picture!!

Mom and I walking around before WICKED

Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring Program 2012...and a handmade skirt!!!

This year our school's spring program was a 50's theme!!! I decided to make and wear a poodle skirt which would help me check off number 13 on my 30 before 30 list!!

It started out in March with Sabrina and I sewing the skirts with my Mom's help!!! That being said - I sewed my whole skirt by myself. I did copy what my Mom was helping Sabrina do, though. I'd never done a waistband or a zipper so I needed some guidance!!!

Cutting out my circle skirt!

Friends don't let friends sew alone!!

Moving on to the main event...

Sabrina and I in our skirts!!!

3 of my favorite friends at work!!
Alisha, Katie, myself, and Sarbina!!

Friday, March 16, 2012

happy 29th birthday to me :-)

For my birthday this year I just wanted to do something low-key and with my friends/family. We had gone out to dinner (at Chevy's OF COURSE) on the Wednesday before my birthday with my parents. Unfortunatley my brother and his wife were unable to make it. And also unfortunately my parents had other plans on it was out with friends I went.

Many of my friends have kids and so we decided to go...BOWLING! Heehee. It actually was a great time. It allowed all of us to talk and eat and bowl. We were there for like 4 hours!!! While it wasn't as "exciting" as other birthday's I have had - it was great because we were with great friends!!!

This was quite the ice cream sundae :)

Me and Sarbina.

Me and Kim.

I love my hubby. After a long day he came and participated in bowling!!

My friends!!!

Backwards bowling with Jenny B

Friday, March 9, 2012

in one little week...

...I'll be 29!!

And {for the record} in 21 days I'll have already been in Hawaii for 8 hours :-)

Not that I like countdown's or anything...

I'm kind of excited to be 29. Well, maybe I'm just excited for my birthday. It is my favorite holiday.

But it all seriousness, I am pretty excited for 29. I feel like it is going to be a good year. We have a few vacations planned {Hawaii and the Midwest for family vacations} as well as some plans for weekends at the beach and other area's around the Pacific Northwest. Hopefully with a few baseball and football games thrown in and I'm secretly hoping that we'll have some visitors - of the friend kind.

Jason will also be 30 this summer ~ plans are in the beginning stages of how to celebrate his big day!!

As I'm going to into this last week of 28 it's been an okay year. I'm kind of ready to leave it behind and bring on 29!!!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

first 30/30 check off & a country concert!!

For weeks I was gung-ho about making my 30 before 30 list...and then once I and posted it I kind of forgot about it. Last weekend I finally did copy the list onto my iPhone so I have it with me where ever I go!

Last night I had a "pay it forward" kind of moment. A few friends and myself had planned to go to a $10 country concert and 2 of the people that were going to go bailed the day of. I tried to see if any of my other friends wanted the tickets but wasn't able to find anyone. So I decided on the way there that this would be my first "pay it forward" moment!! I was going to donate the tickets to someone and not let them pay me for them. Of course, I didn't have any stinking PIF cards but none-the-less I was excited about it {and I have witnesses if there is question}...

We got to the venue and I went to get the tickets and explained the situation to the staff. They wanted to get my cell number so that the person could pay me back but I insisted that I wanted to "pay it forward" and to tell the person they gave the tickets to to PIF and do something nice for someone else!!

While I don't know how the situation turned out I am hoping that 2 people enjoyed a super fun concert on my behalf and will actually go out there and PAY IT FORWARD!!!
Here's a few pictures from the concert :) From the first row!!!



The Farm

Craig Campbell

Lee Brice