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Sunday, June 26, 2011

sunday snapshot...

This is the only one this week. We've been outside all weekend doing yard work and I'm exhausted and we're about to jet off to home depot!! More to come on all the outside adventures!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

end of year/start of summer concert!!

Way back when Sabrina and I bought Tickets to Tim McGraw's Emotional Traffic Tour we were supposed to be on summer vacation!!! Thanks to some "snow" days our district decided upon we had an extended school year. TOMORROW is our last day...and it cannot come soon enough!!

Sabrina and I, of course, had a wonderful time!! We bought what we thought were 6th row tickets and they ended up being 2nd row because of the way they set the stage up!! Imagine our glee!!!

One of our teacher friends was also there with a student and her family and had thought they had "front and center seats" though it turned out they were in a box (which at the amphitheater means a roped off area on the floor with padded seats). We could tell the 4th grader was very disappointed in her seats so for a few songs I let her go down with Sabrina to get the full experience. She was beyond thrilled!!!

I also had my new camera on hand and was fully entertained by playing with the settings on that. Thankfully I got it right by the time Tim came out!!!

The Band Perry

Self Portrait.

The two people up top by the wall are Sabrina's parents.
They bought us each an $8.50 beer...aren't they nice?!?!

Luke Bryan

He was SO much fun to watch!!

This was Sabrina' first Tim McGraw concert!!!

He started in the middle of crowd! Love it when they do that!!

View from the box.


Up close. Much better view.

Um, yeah!

Sabrina and Tim!!!

Me and Tim!! The light went out just as she took the picture...

Luke and Tim!!!

This is how close we were!!!

Something like that!! Bree and I's song :)

He was so close and we were so screaming!!!

You can also go HERE to see all the amazing pictures from the concert!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

sunday snapshot...

loving the different view!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

sunday snapshot...

This is the only one I"m going to share this week because, well, I'm dead tierd from this weekend and it is my favorite. I really wish I could have a poster of this. I've never seen the Shuttle and the Space Sation from this point of view, and it is spectacular!!!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

project deck...take two...

So last year we build a deck and a roof for that deck. You can read all about that here! Problem was, there was NO slope to the awning. It leaked, everywhere, all year. So this year my Dad and Jason hatched a plan to fix it. My Dad says that if this doesn't work we're on our own next year ;-) Heehee.

The plan worked (so far)! What they did was they removed 4 inches, or so, from the posts to give the roof the slope it needs. Thing was, they sure didn't want to take down all the 2x6's that held that roof up because that would be a LOT of work!! Solution...

Use car 4x4's on two car jacks to hold the roof up while you cut off the posts. WORKS LIKE A CHARM!!


This is all the garbage we created from pulling up all the old products. Looks like we'll get to use my Dad's new trailer soon :)

We were afraid the wood would have wood rot so we replaced all the plywood.

This was all on a Sunday...more tomorrow :)

sunday snapshot...




Thursday, June 2, 2011

how to build a shed in one day...

step one: buy shed from Costco.
step two: convince your wife to help

We desperately need MORE storage!! It is amazing to be that in our current family of two (me & Jason) stage we fill up our 1400 sq ft house! And our 1.1 car garage. That is what I call it...there is no way you could ever fit in more than one car...even if you had two Mini Coopers...

Jason keeps acquiring tools at every event (birthday's, Christmas) thanks to my Mom and Dad, and bit by my wallet and he says he needs more room in the garage for them, thus, the shed. We've been wanting one since last summer and this summer our wallets finally had enough room in them to buy one.

What is most impressive is that my dear husband took it upon himself to build the base of the shed on Saturday while I was up getting my bridesmaid dress altered. Even more impressive is that he also took it upon himself to document his progress with the Canon. Have I trained him well or WHAT?!?! :)


All built.

Topped off. Ready for the shed!

I will tell you. Next time I might think about forking over the extra money to get the shed that you don't have to put every-single-tiny-piece together yourself. This shed took us almost 8 hours with barely a break...and only a few impatient jabs at each other...pretty successful if I do say so myself!

All the pieces...ready for action.

The table served as a station for all the nuts, bolts, and screws...


We will FINALLY be able to hook our water barrel up (I SWEAR I wrote a post on it but I can't find it) and are just excited to have more room in the garage. Because that equals more projects for the husband!

our two new favorite words...

DEBT FREE!!! Well, except for the house and the Camry...