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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Elements Glass - Pumpkins

We really do love Elements Glass. This is our third time that we have been there. Sure, it might be easier and cheaper to buy some decoration at the store but this is a memory!! I believe that is worth the cost. This time it ended up being all 6 of us and it was my Dad, Tony, and Kellie's first time visiting Elements. I think it is fair to say they had a good time!! I think we will definitely be going back as a family many more times!



Jason had to show off and get something that needed the torch!!




Aaron. He owns the place!! He is super nice and we've always worked with him!!

The end results...can you guess who's is whose??
{Scroll down to find out}

Left to right..
Jason, Annie, Mom, Dad, Kellie. Gourd = Tony

Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Coug game and a pumpkin patch...aka...weekend in Seattle

We had a pretty fun weekend in Seattle!!

Every year WSU - Jason's Alma matter and the place where we met -  plays one game in Seattle. Seattle is 2.5 hours north...Pullman, well, that is 6 hours east. It is much easier to get to Seattle...and so we went!!

After driving up on Saturday we headed to the game with Jason's family and some friends! My father in law runs the maintenance department for King County Transit...and that has it's perks. We got to ride one of the buses that was "being tested for service" to the game!! Yeah for not having to walk a mile and a half (though we did walk it home).

on the "out of service" bus!! all 8 of us...

Once we were down by the game we walked around and realized we could tailgate in the parking off we went to find some beverages! We knew that we had a lot of our old friends from our WSU days that were around - and we ran into an acquaintance...and we decided to stand and party with them! I mean, why not?!?!

At our first Coug game in almost 4 years!!

My FIL and I.

Mike, my father-in-law, had almost as cool of a hat as I had!! His Coug sign lit up and mine was a Cougar head!!

Jason and I...GO COUGS!!!
Sharing a 9 dollar beer!

Unfortunatly the Cougs lost the game...but we still had a good time. We really need to make it back to Pullman soon!!


That night we stayed with my friend Kalli and her husband Josh in their house in Seattle, and the next day we all headed to the pumpkin patch with Melanie and Jon!!

us. of course.

love my friends!!

so standard it isn't even funny.

FRESH apple cider doughnut. AH MAY ZING!!!

I should have brought some home!!

All in all we had a great weekend in Seattle!!!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Tony & Kellie throw a wedding!

My brother and new sister in law had a very nice wedding in October. They were actually married the previous April at the courthouse but this was a weekend event and it was SO much fun to see family and friends!!

During the day Friday Jason and I hung out with my Grandma, Grandpa, Aunts and Uncles. It was such a nice time since I knew I wouldn't see them very much on Saturday sicne I was in the wedding. We went to a greenhouse and had an enjoyable lunch.

Loved the spiral

Bug eating plant!!

Friday night they had a wonderful rehearsal dinner at Chambers Bay, a very lovely golf course. And we got quite the sunset!!!

me and my cousin Rachel

Standard 6 cousin Cole family height picture!!

Height picture - with all the extra's!!!

The wedding day had a rough start because the bride had a rough night before, but all in all, in went really well.

Cole girl cousins

The Eeds and the future Miller's!!

My Mom and her siblings and parents.

Very nice wedding set up.

Tony and Kellie Oakes.