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Saturday, July 24, 2010

another job for Jason...

...though this time, I think it really should be called a career!!!

Just a few days before I left for vacation Jason got the final word that he got a new job. He is a Vessel Agent for a company called Transmarine Navagation. The jist: A boat owner hires his {Jason's} company to represent it's interestes when it is in port. There is SO MUCH MORE to it than that but that is the easiest way to explain it!

Here are a few pictures he's snapped. He really is amazed by these big ships. I love that he loves his job and this really could be one he has for a long, long time to come :)

the ship coming in empty.

being pushed around by the tugs.

thank you... my Mom and Dad!!!

This last Sunday my parents came over to say happy some of our DELICIOUS cake...and bring us a VERY snazzy present!!!

Our first anniversary dinner at Stanford's (where we had out wedding rehearsal dinner)

our DELICIOUS wedding cake remake :)
pink champagne with fresh strawberries and cream cheese frosting.

day after our anniversary. right after we got our new camera!!!!

My anniversary earrings! I LOVE them!!!

So the THANK YOU that goes to my parents is because they got us a major anniversary present!!! They got us the camera I'd been longing for! It is a Canon Rebel EOS Xsi!!! I'm pretty sure what sealed the deal is the fact that I mentioned it about 10 or so times within a week span while we were in the midwest :) I had NO idea that is what they would get us and I am so thankful to them. This is something our family will have for a long time to come and will capture all of our life events!!!

All in all our anniversary was very nice. Oh, and Jason got a new multi-tool. He hadn't really asked for it but another wife at Sears, also looking for a gift for her husband, said her husband had one and loved it. Jason's already used it for a few things!!!

homemade gifts...

...for my Mom.

This year for my Mom's birthday I made her some homemade gifts!!! I was happy with how they turned out and she seemed happy to recieve them. She's really been the one over the years who's taken the time, money, and patients to teach me how to cook and sew. Thanks mom, I love you!!!

Making the "cheater" cake. PS. This ice cream scoop is THE best way to scoop cupcakes!! Try it!

cooling cupcakes.

German Chocolate Cake with the frosting. My Mom's favorite for her birthday!


the apron i made for my mom.

Friday, July 23, 2010

i heart chicago...

...well, mainly one particular person who lives there.

After going to Minnesota and Wisconsin I traveled solo to Chicago, Illinois to see Leena, one of my bests. I figured why not! She'd actually been on vacation the week before and since I had to, we did a lot of hanging out, which was just fine with me! I ate my first deep dish pizza, got asked to me a member of her wedding party, and fell in love with a little place called Molly's Cupcakes. There was, of course, wedding talk and my opprotunity to actually get to hangout with her finance, Jerome. I'd met him before but just for dinner like 4 years ago. I can't wait for her wedding day, next July 30th!!!

deep dish!


Red Velvet and make your own cupcake. Yum!!!

i know I love mac and cheese :)

Lee and I took a boat tour of Chicago. Pretty fun.

Downtown Chicago and Lake Michigan behind me.

Lee and Ann :)

adventures in the midwest...

We (my parents and myself) flew to the midwest for a week+ of different family activities. The first place we stopped was Webster, WI to visit my Dad's youngest sister and her family. We hadn't seen them in 5 years and hadn't been to their house in over it was a nice start to the vacation :)

Me, Sarah, and Michael.

This summer to bi-annual Cole Family Vacation took place at a little lake resort in Northern Wisconsin called Lakewoods Resort. It was definitely different than past vacations. Mainly, because some people didn't come at all, some people came for some of the time, while others were there through the whole trip. Maybe this is the new way it will be?!?! I hope not, but it could be.

Jason and Tony didn't come because they coud not take the time off of work. My Aunt Elaine came for the first few days and then headed back to work. Reed and Rachel came on two different days mid-way through the week because they have other obligations that they did not want to miss.

It was definitely strange for me because I missed Jason and usually Rachel and I hang out on family vacations and do SO much together but this time we only got one 'full' day together and I spent part of that on a small day trip with my Mom. It was just strange...hopefully next time they'll both be able to be there.

Thankfully I have more family than just Jason and Rachel. My cousin's Emily and CC were there and we did our fair share of hanging out! Below are some pictures from the trip...

Emi and I riding the double water bike.

Playing left, center, right which quickly became the family vacation game!

I spent my first 4th of July without Jason :( Sad, in part, because the 4th of July was the first time we said "I love you" 6 years part, because I just missed him. Though the resort that we stayed at put on quite a show for rinky-dink Wisconsin.

Uncle Foster, Mom, and myself tie-dye shirts...along with about 15 6-9 year olds.

Emi, CC, and myself braved the waters and swam off the pontoon.
Actually Tracy and John both swam with us later :)

If I ever own a pool...I am getting this sign specially made :)

Mom and I took a day trip to Bayfield, WI. Behind us is Lake Superior and some cool sail boats!

We played some BINGO. Foster and Emi won!

2010 Rachel and Annie picture. Pretty sure I"m trying to look taller :)

14 of the 17 of us. Missing Jason, Tony, Elaine.

After family vacation was over we headed back to the twin cities and spent some time with my Oakes side. Some of these cousins I hadn't seen in 5 years! It was fun and I"m glad I stayed those extra days so that I could see them!

All the ladies of the Oakes clan (minus Sarah)...

All in all the trip to the midwest was hot, humid, and pretty hilarious (in good and bad ways).

Saturday, July 17, 2010

one year ago today...

i married my best friend :)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

project deck...

Living close to my parents has many perks, but one in particular we've been enjoying is my dad's handy-man-ness! Over the last month or so my Dad has spent quite a bit of time over here helping us build a deck. Between a few hours during the week and 2 major weekends, we're done! Well, almost. Now Jason just needs to add the finishing touches and we'll be done. But the deck, as it is today, is completely usable and use it we do! We've had many dinners out there and I've even had some of my friends over for a luncheon. I cannot wait to spend more time outside! We went from a 6X6 piece of concrete to a 10X18 covered patio!!!

The pictures below are a small compilation of pictures I took from the same spot either before or after every day of work! It think it turned out pretty neat!

Totally before.

We had to dig out around the patio to our desired space. Phew! That was harder than I thought it would be.

After day 1. Posts are in to eventually hold up the awning.

End of day 2. Mostly leveled and spaced...

Day three. Tony and Barry (the dog) were there to help! We also really appreciate Tony's help and have no doubt we'll be repaying him through helping him with his house he is soon to own!

The deck is done! We definitely had dinner out there the first night :)

Working on the awning. Our lawn looks a little cluttered ;-)

Done and Done :) We LOVE it!!!

Buying our 6 new swivel patio chair's. We didn't want to have any stationary chairs because Jason and I both liked the rocking ones and didn't want to end up sitting in stationary ones :)

Our patio set. Thank you Target!

We also had the glass replaced in the sliding glass door. The people before us had put bulls and they terrorized the glass! The proof is in the pictures :)

Before the deck. Notice the fogginess.

Deck is done...still foggy.

YEAH!!! New glass! Patio done! Awning done!

You can see the rest of the pictures here!