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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Showers for my sister in law

My little brother got married last April at the courthouse and then again this last October in a 'standard' wedding ceremony for family and friends.

My sister-in-law had two very nice showers thrown for her. One down in Vancouver with our family friends and one up in Sumner thrown by her sister and included many of her family members.

Vancouver Shower

Kellie's "Bachelorette" Party

Me, Kellie, and her cousin Jamie

Dueling Piano Bar

The rowdy group ;-)

Sunday, September 4, 2011

New England ~ Plymouth and headed home...

We had such a wonderful trip to New England. We really do want to go back someday!!

The morning after the wedding Matt's parents hosted a nice brunch at their house so that everyone could swing by and wish the happy couple farewell. I might have failed to mention that Matt and May live in New's kind of far away ;-)

Annie, May, Bree - friends since 9th grade!!

We headed to the beach for one last view and to gather a bit of sand for our collection...

And at this little gem...
Book store on Cape bad it was closed and run down... :/

We didn't stay too long because we had a 4pm plane to catch...and Plymouth Rock to see. We'd heard that there wasn't really that much to see there but hey - we are tourists after all!!

On the way we saw this sign...

Thanks for the warning ;-)

This is it - Plymouth Rock.

At the rental car return place we assessed the mileage damage...

706 miles from Tuesday - Sunday. And we loved {almost} every minute of it!!

Exit row to ourselves :) Thanks to some kind people...

Happy to be headed home!


Our one souvenir. A Galileo thermometer. I'd always wanted one...and now I have one :)

Thanks to Matt & May for getting married so we could have a great vacation...hurricane and all ;-)

Saturday, September 3, 2011

New England ~ Cape Cod...May & Matt's Wedding Day

May is a friend of mine for the first day of soccer tryouts freshman year...back in 1998! We were the same amount of slow when it came to running and became fast friends. Our relationship has weathered many tests and has come out wonderful on the other side! She's one of those friends that no matter what - she is there for in point...

May 2009 - Painting my walls red!!

Jason and May painting away! Bye bye purple...hello red!!

Anyways, back to vacation...

We started this sunny Saturday with a trip to the beach. It was MUCH windy-er that Friday so Jason and I didn't really do much beides soak up the sun!

Roosh and Bree!! It was a bity too windy for them to kayak today.

After the beach we headed back to Matt's parents house for some lunch and relaxation! We made one more stop at the world's best ice cream stand since Jason hadn't been with us the day before then headed back to get ready for the wedding!!

May and Rich

During the wedding.

Husband and Wife :-)

The lovely bridal party!!

Look at the little girl...hilarious!!

The guest book was a picture book of The Cape.

At the Captain Lindell House. Great location for the wedding and reception.

About to leave.

Matt and May!!!

Friday, September 2, 2011

New England ~ Cape Cod aka Beach and Rehearsal Dinner Day ~ Friday

Friday = Sun and Sand day!!!

Our only plans for Friday of our vacation was to go to the beach and go to Matt and May's rehearsal dinner. And that is all we did...except for find the MOST amazing ice cream stand ever :)

As I'm uploading these pictures it reminded me that I got something in my camera lens...dang!

The Bay just a few blocks from Matt's parents house!!

May and Bree enjoying some sun!

Not a bad place to be!

Handmade/homemade waffle cone and peppermint ice cream = heaven

Me on a giant camping chair.

B + A in a giant camping chair!!

The trolley that took the bridal party to the rehearsal dinner :) SO cute!!

Matt sweating over someone's speech... ;-)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

New England ~ Newport, RI and arriving in Cape Cod, MA ~ Thursday

Thursday morning we woke up at our wonderful bed and breakfast,the Marshall Slocum House. I really wish we'd been able to stay another night. It was quite and cozy and exactly what I thought a bed and breakfast should be!!

We got up in the morning and were cooked a wonderful breakfast by our host. French toast with fruit!

Breakfast at the B&B

After breakfast we headed out to explore the city of Newport, Rhode Island. Newport is known for it's mansions. We decided not to go on a mansion tour - it didn't really sound appealing to either of us - and instead went on the Cliff Walk. It was recommended to us at the B and B since we wanted to see the ocean and walk, and it was the perfect activity.

Me on the Cliff Walk

I loved this corner :)

Loving looking at the ocean!!

One of the many mansions!

It was gorgeous weather!!

And we ate at a special place for lunch...

After lunch we headed out to The Cape!!! It was about a 2 hour drive...and we were pretty tired of being in the car but we knew friends and a great weekend awaited us :)