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Thursday, March 1, 2012

first 30/30 check off & a country concert!!

For weeks I was gung-ho about making my 30 before 30 list...and then once I and posted it I kind of forgot about it. Last weekend I finally did copy the list onto my iPhone so I have it with me where ever I go!

Last night I had a "pay it forward" kind of moment. A few friends and myself had planned to go to a $10 country concert and 2 of the people that were going to go bailed the day of. I tried to see if any of my other friends wanted the tickets but wasn't able to find anyone. So I decided on the way there that this would be my first "pay it forward" moment!! I was going to donate the tickets to someone and not let them pay me for them. Of course, I didn't have any stinking PIF cards but none-the-less I was excited about it {and I have witnesses if there is question}...

We got to the venue and I went to get the tickets and explained the situation to the staff. They wanted to get my cell number so that the person could pay me back but I insisted that I wanted to "pay it forward" and to tell the person they gave the tickets to to PIF and do something nice for someone else!!

While I don't know how the situation turned out I am hoping that 2 people enjoyed a super fun concert on my behalf and will actually go out there and PAY IT FORWARD!!!
Here's a few pictures from the concert :) From the first row!!!



The Farm

Craig Campbell

Lee Brice

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