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Friday, March 16, 2012

happy 29th birthday to me :-)

For my birthday this year I just wanted to do something low-key and with my friends/family. We had gone out to dinner (at Chevy's OF COURSE) on the Wednesday before my birthday with my parents. Unfortunatley my brother and his wife were unable to make it. And also unfortunately my parents had other plans on it was out with friends I went.

Many of my friends have kids and so we decided to go...BOWLING! Heehee. It actually was a great time. It allowed all of us to talk and eat and bowl. We were there for like 4 hours!!! While it wasn't as "exciting" as other birthday's I have had - it was great because we were with great friends!!!

This was quite the ice cream sundae :)

Me and Sarbina.

Me and Kim.

I love my hubby. After a long day he came and participated in bowling!!

My friends!!!

Backwards bowling with Jenny B

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